Saturday, February 09, 2013

Do I really need another App?

I got a notification via google+ (which I must admit I seldom look at anymore) that +colby brown hade updated his list of 20 apps every photography should have. It’s good reading, it’s worth a look. I. decided to try Pixlr Express, from Autodesk, the AutoCAD & Sketchbook folk, who also wrote Pixlr-o-matic, which I did have installed for quiet a while.. The magic word was FREE download and it is impressive, having all the basic tools you might need to spruce up a photo before uploading it including a cool localized retouch tool. There are heaps of effect overlays and frames but sadly the controls are a bit small for my screen and my older eyes so I’m not totally convinced I’ll be using a lot. Both Aviary & Photoshop Express being much easy for me to read and use with my fat fingers. Still I think I’ll leave it on the phone for a while. My phone is becoming old, is locked back at android version 2.2.1 (by Telstra) and doesn’t have a lot of space 1.86Gb, so any apps I don’t use for 2-3 months end up getting deleted,


Such is life, but I have no plans to change phones.

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