Tuesday, September 30, 2014

ThePatch :: Toy on Parade & Transportation


It is the last outing for my virtual creation the Blue Lego Guy on the Patch, and it was about transportation. I was down at Point Lonsdale and a lot of the things to move around looked like fun, but they where possibly more sport than pure transportation. Anyway why deny the Blue Lego Guy some fun.

I had photographed cars, boats & even container ships, but the guy didn’t look happy. Then I realised he needed to be with lego, real lego. So my young grandson helped out again. This time building a technical lego monster truck. The Blue Lego Guy was in his element helping out.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tale of Two Pano Stitchers

On my recent trip I had been giving google+ photos an opportunity to redeem itself (in my eyes). So most of my photo where running through auto-backup and thus into “autoawesome” algorithms. I took two separate sets of the back beach at Sorrento (the first above) just a set of overlapping photos. The second a set of overlapping bracketed photos (-1.5E,0,+1.5EV) with the sets overlapping in the same way as the first set (see result below).  The image above was joined  by the autoawesome *Pano feature, and shows a distinct wide angle lens perspective. The image below was first combined to increase dynamic range, using Autoawesomes *HDR features, I then downloaded these and used Autostitch to combine them, The differences are astounding! I expected the colouration and tonal difference but the perspective differences came as a bit of a shock.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Finding a way to something like little planets

A very wavey panoramaI was back at the Queenscliff observation tower yesterday and took another overlapping series. It occured to me that it might make a nice series for a little planet image. I’m still travelling and don’t have all my little software utilities with me, and my first attempt was a manual pasting (joiner collage style). Ok its not very convincing but it was interesting. The next step was to construct a stitched 350 panorama, but for some reason (not yet understood) it produced a very wavy horizon line. Not to worry, I still had a few more transforms to do. I do have a little utility called Amorph Me! on my portable app key (in my camera bag) which does have something like a polar coordinate style transformation, designed to construct cylindrical mirror transform, sometimes used by M.C.Escher. However this transform needs a more equi-dimensional starting images so I had to stretch my pano out vertically and fill colour the black edges in the original pano. The wavy horizontal produced a nice oval rather than a circle.

My manual joiner collage  wavy pano stetchedCylindrical mirror transform

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Into the Known

Last week I started trying out a new open source social web style platform, unlike most other social web offering it is designed to be owned (and controlled by you the owner). I haven’t got a far as setting up my own platform on my own website (just yet) but I can see the benefits of the POSSE (Publish [on your] Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere).This is a much better model for any creative type tat is interested in preserving their IP (Intellectual Porperty) rights but still share across the net. Theb place you firt published is owned by you (not by a social media service) and the syndication is under your control
Right at the moment the free WithKnown service, is available if you don’t want to use, or haven’t access to your own web space, so you can create you own site. It offers simple ways to also syndicate your post and status updates to a few selected services (Twitter, Flickr, Facebook & Soundcloud). I’m not a facebook person so I’m just experimenting with twitter & flickr. I’d probably like a similar connection into blogger but the service now is very similar to tumblr and with the same feel as a microblogging platform like twitter. In other words it easy to use and perhaps most suited to putting together a few words and perhaps a picture or two. So for the time being I will use it to make a few notes on my artistic (sketch & painting pursuits) a kind of provenance bank (archive).

My website is imageo.withknown.com

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

More on Collection Photo Reference & Even More Sketching

I like the idea of the 50 50 rule, where it recommends you only spend 50% of the time getting the intended (or standard “postcard”) view and then go onto the next 50% of the time looking for something a little more create. Chances are if you are looking for reference material for your art this will be easy, zoom in look for texture, zoom out and take a number of different compositions, walk into the scene and get close to the subject. Turn around and take what is behind you. The 50 50 rule approach shouldn’t finish there, when you are loading the reference art into a collection of album (probably but not necessarily on a computer) don’t just flag the best image(s) for post processing, flag a few for creative post processing (perhaps at some later date)
sketch 1 pano big copyIMAG1088 copysketch 2 pano big copy

The Full 360°

360 Observation TowerThe is an observation tower in the redeveloped port area of Queescliff, called 360. It does offer amazing view back onto Port Phillip Bay as well as out over to Point Nepean and through the heads.

I took a bit of time to take 3 over lapping photos at each of 24 windows, with the aim to try and assemble a full panorama. Only autostitch rose to the challenge of processing all 72 photos at one time.

360 big pano copy